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demarker indicator

Wait until DeM drops to the oversold area, then wait until the DeM curve returns to disappear above level 0.3. Therefore we combine the Moving Average indicator with the DeMarker indicator. The Moving Average that we use is the Simple Moving Average period 14. Therefore, in its use, other indicators should be included as material for confirmation so that our entry is accurate.

demarker indicator

You should take action when the DeM fluctuates beyond the values of 0.3 or 0.7. The DeMarker indicator is a good way to identify a developing trend. The overbought line should be set to 70 while the oversold line should be set to 30. For instance, the DeM value passes the 0.3 oversold line on the chart in January and levels out before the Apple share price starts an upturn. The oversold level – which indicates that a price increase could be on the way and a purchase considered – is usually set at 0.3.

How is the DeMarker indicator calculated?

The Demarker technical indicator, also known as DeM, measures the demand for an asset by comparing the most recent high and low prices to the previous high and low prices. If you use periods of longer duration, when calculating the indicator, you’ll be able to catch the long term market tendency. Indicators based on short periods let you enter the market at the point of the least risk and plan the time of transaction so that it falls in with the major trend. Based on my own experience, I would add one more condition, the sixth one, to be met for entering a buy or a sell trade.

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You may already have a go-to weapon for trading tools, whether it be your own or third-party indicators, or just built-in MT4 indicators. But in this article, we will discuss everything about the DeMarker indicator which is a family of oscillator indicators. As the most part of oscillators, this one also provides bullish divergence and bearish convergence. The first one appears when chart price reaches a new High, and indicator does not confirm a new extreme point. The way you can use this Demarker trading strategy is simple.

The asset is trading higher than the previous bars’ close levels. Furthermore, when the indicator exited the overbought zone, the price had been already trading above all the previous bars’ close levels. Unlike other oscillators, DeMark designed his indicator to make comparisons from one time period to the next, based on each pricing cycle’s relative highs and lows. His algorithm was then an “If/Then” kind of computer logic, which delivered a reflection of investor support for each successive moment. As with any indicator, practising trading on a demo system is the best way to learn how to incorporate the DeM into your trading toolbox.


As it belongs to the family of oscillators, DeMarker generates values from 0 to 1, although some variants of the indicator have a 100 and -100 scale. In the standard setting, values closer to 0 show an extreme oversold condition while readings closer to 1 read extreme overbought market conditions. A Bollinger Band® is a momentum indicator used in technical analysis that depicts two standard deviations above and below a simple moving average. Demonstration of oversold/overbought zones is a classic task for the oscillator. If the indicator falls below 0.3, and then gradually increases, it can signal a market reversal in the buy direction.

demarker indicator

This 101 guide will explain exactly what the DeMarker indicator is, how it is calculated, and how to plot it on your charts and use it in your FX trading strategies. Indicator values between 0.7 and 1 form overbought zone, and between 0 and 0.3 – oversold. BlackBull Markets is a reliable and well-respected trading platform that provides its customers with high-quality access to a wide range of asset groups.

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The second set of Green circles represents the exit and new entry points. Once again, a dip below 0.70 in the DeM is confirmed by the moving averages. The DeM travels below 0.30 and stays there, a sign to hold onto the trade and wait for an optimum closing point. That point is soon realised when the DeM moves upward and crosses the 0.30 threshold.

  • You can enter a long position when the indicator’s line is nearing the 0.7 value.
  • Compared to a simple buy-and-hold strategy, their results show that, in most cases, there is a limited range of holding days for which the indicators have predictive power.
  • Exiting the overbought zone, after the state of extreme overbought , as a rule, does not lead to a price reverse.
  • The DeMARK Indicator library speaks to the inherent rhythm of the market at the intersection of supply and demand, as represented through price.
  • The closer the value gets to 0 or 1, the higher the change of a price turn as the market is trading in an extreme environment.

Trading in this market involves buying and selling world currencies, taking profit from the exchange rates difference. FX trading can yield high profits but is also a very risky endeavor. If you reduce the calculation period, the line turns out to be more sensitive, but reliability of the signals is lost. If you increase the averaging parameter, then the indicator DeMarker will display more global price movement, but the trade signals will be late.

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Several other variants of this indicator also use numbers between 100 and -100. Bearish convergence appears when chart price accomplished a new Low, and indicator does not confirm a new extreme point. In terms of exiting a profitable trade, you can use one of our exit strategies or simply use your preferred method to exit a trade. Moving forward, we’re going to outline some practical examples of how to use the Demarker indicator strategy. Understanding the concept of speed and the subtleties of what speed can tell us about market exhaustion and market reversal can improve our timing.

What is the formula for DeMarker indicator?

The formula for DeMarker Indicator is: Calculating DeMax (i). If HIGH (i) > HIGH (i – 1), DeMax (i) = HIGH (i) – HIGH (i – 1), otherwise DeMax (i) = 0.

A buy/sell signal is confirmed when the TD Alignment indicator breaks through zero level only provided that the indicator hit the overbought/oversold zone before. Exiting the overbought zone, after the state of extreme overbought , as a rule, does not lead to a price reverse. Often, the indicator should come to this area again, fix the state of the moderate overbought and a bullish divergence / bearish convergence and leave the area. If you had followed this simple DeMarker trading strategy, you could have netted two trades for roughly 150 pips apiece, for a total net gain of some 300 pips, an excellent result.

The is composed of a single fluctuating curve and does not use smoothed data. The default time span for the calculation of the indicator is 14 periods, and as the number of periods increases, the indicator curve becomes smoother. Conversely, the curve becomes more responsive with smaller numbers of periods. While the typical time period for DeM analysis is 14 days, it can be used with any time frame but will smooth out over longer intervals. All information on The Forex Geek website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide financial advice. Any statements about profits or income, expressed or implied, do not represent a guarantee.

How do you trade with DeMarker indicator?

When the price is above the line, it suggests an uptrend. The orange vertical lines show some circumstances when the DeMarker indicator has moved back out of extreme oversold or overbought regions. As soon as the indicator rises above 0.3, traders can consider buying the market, provided that they can get in below 0.5.

These specific parameters exposed still maintain the original form … Momentum is an excellent measurement to identify potential weakness in the… This is indeed very simple, but you have to be disciplined with stop losses as a preventive from unexpected conditions. In this condition, you can enter the position according to the previous condition. Wait until DeM goes up to the overbought area, then wait until the DeM curve returns “crosses” to below level 0.7. If conditions 1 and 2 are fulfilled, you can open long positions.

Measurement formula for DeMarker Indicator:

And as a stand-alone indicator, we can use Demarker technical indicator for trend following strategies. The volatile markets tend to produce big price swings, so a timing indicator like Demarker, will give you an edge in this type of environment. However, not everything is that perfect, because this indicator is rather sensitive and so, it sends quite many false signals. That is why, I do not recommend employing this indicator alone, rather, it should be used together with other DeMark’s tools so that it will be more efficient. It is thought to be quite simple and is determined by dividing the close of the current price bar by the close of twelve price bars earlier.

How accurate is DeMark indicator?

A recent independent back-test of the DeMark Sequential signals showed them to be around 70% accurate across a broad range of instruments. DeMark is essentially a risk-reward strategy and its stop loss positioning means that even when the indicators occasionally under-perform, losses are cut to a minimum.

If the current bar’s high is higher or equal to the previous bar’s high, the difference is calculated and added to the numerator. While you may spot setups using nothing but the DeM, it is most powerful and reliable when used in conjunction with other indicators or price action. When price is falling , but the DeM is rising , that is bullish divergence. You should buy.When price is rising , but the DeM is dropping , that is bearish divergence.

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It’s helpful for traders who aim to assess the directional trend of the market. DeMark suggests that the price action is directly affected by the supply/demand ratio. As the price change is often preceded by a change in trading volume, DeMark suggests measuring the speed of changing in the trading volume along with the speed of price changes. In addition, according to DeMark, these parameters are more important for the current bar, rather than for the complete bars. The Demarker indicator is an oscillator that shows oversold and overbought areas.

demarker indicator

A strong momentum, marked with a red arrow, draws the indicator beyond the triangle, which means that the market lost balance and started moving in the bullish trend. The indicator’s band moves from 0 to 100%, and the overbought and oversold zones, like for the indicators, described above, are the zones above 60 and below 40 respectively. The buy and sell signals sent by this indicator are interpreted in the same way as those sent by TD DeMarker I and II. Besides, this indicator is also a confirming one, and when it coincides with other signals, it confirms the indicated direction. Most oscillating indicators tend to be lagging, but as demonstrated, the DeM has a unique ability to predict reversals in market pricing behaviour.

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