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Advanced analytics specialists are critical for companies to modify their business models and stay ahead of the competition. The scope of data analytics in companies in India includes law enforcement, banking, healthcare, fraud detection, e-commerce, energy, telecommunications, and risk management. Data analysts with more than five years of experience can earn up to ₹ 15 lakhs/year. Senior data analysts with more than ten years of expertise make more than ₹20lakhs/ year. Users will need to possess in-depth statistical analysis knowledge to leverage this tool. Additionally, users will also benefit from having familiarity with R and Python.

Hold conversations with our smart AI assistant, generate automated insights with a single click, predict the future trends, do cognitive and what-if analysis, setup smart alert and much more. Power BI products include Desktop, Premium, Embedded, Pro, Mobile, and Report Server.

It is a Java-based ETL tool used for undergoing data management procedures, enterprise application integration, cloud storage, and providing data quality. The unified cloud platform of Talend offers big data integration, cloud pipeline designing, and data governance solutions. Mode offers quick codeless calculations, transformations, and easily understandable insights with creative visual elements. The powerful Helix data engine helps switch between data-rich visualizations easily. Helix permits server-side memory ingestion of up to 10Gb for faster data processing. Mode is an analysis platform recognized for providing rapid and deep analytics solutions.

Tableau is fantastic because it can be used by anybody, regardless of their technical or programming knowledge. Businesses, academics, researchers, various industries, etc., have all shown an interest in the tool. Zoho Analytics is a BI and Data analytics software platform that helps its users to visually analyze data, create visualizations, and get a better and in-depth understanding of raw data. It helps you connect multiple data resources and then query them in one place. Frappe Insights also helps you in writing complex queries and get the results in a tabular form. It also creates dashboards to automate the tracking of important metrics.

Microsoft’s Power BI is one of the centralized and scalable free offering self-service business intelligence and analytics. The cloud-based analysis platform provides you with real-time and rapid insights. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being further developed. They need to practice data-driven approaches to enhance data analytics and software development.

It supports Kerberos, Hadoop impersonation, and sentry/ranger, as well as team communication and centralized workflow management. Catch up on the significant data innovations and collaborations announced by SAP in March 2023. Give people the power to discover, plan, and act on real-time insights with AI-powered planning and analytics combined with a trusted semantic layer. Provide a set of tools to identify, gather, analyse, and make available the most context-relevant data throughout your enterprise.

Types of Data Analysis Tools

So today we chalk out some of the most popular and frequently used tools by the Analysts. The below flow chart gives you the simplest definition of Data Analysis. Tableau is a business intelligence platform- founded in that helps you manage the data flow and turns that data into actionable insights. It helps in creating a spectrum of different visualizations to showcase your data insights. Companies must keep up with the demands of massive amounts of data to avoid becoming outdated.

  • An open-source cluster computing platform for real-time processing, Apache Spark is one of the Apache Software Foundation’s most popular projects.
  • With Graph Analytics it is easy to understand how people and transactions are connected or the shortest distance between two hubs in a network.
  • It is a computational and analytical tool used for drafting codes, rendering complex equations, creating visualizations, and statistical modeling.

Big data analytics assists businesses in accessing their data and identifying new possibilities. As a result, wiser company decisions, more effective operations, more profits, and happier consumers are results. Today, big data analysis is a critical resource for both public and commercial businesses. From contemporary business intelligence (BI) and embedded analytics to workflow integration and bespoke apps, Looker can enable a wide range of data experiences. With Looker, you can get to the most recent iteration of your business’ data regardless of where it is stored.

Data Analytics & AI

Any marketer who wants to track overall traffic generated by his marketing activities should use Google Analytics.The subscription plan is 100,000kusd per year. It provides the company with an enterprise-scale cluster on which to perform its big data tasks. Microsoft Azure provides enterprise-grade security and monitoring, as well as dependable analytics with an industry-leading SLA. It has 80 high-level operators for fast query execution, as well as Java high-level APIs. As Apache Spark works with numerous data stores like HDFS, OpenStack, and Apache Cassandra, the platform provides flexibility and variety. Built-in security controls, a decreased requirement for writing code, and a visual workflow designer for Hadoop and Spark are among the platform’s capabilities.

Python or R

For the design of the analytical process, RapidMiner has the most powerful and intuitive graphical user interface. Users of Zoho Analytics may also create a comment threat in the app to facilitate communication amongst employees and teams. The platform is a good solution for companies that need easy-to-access data analytics insight for employees at all levels.

Tailoring your selection based on your distinct demands enables efficient data analysis. In today’s data-driven world, organizations can significantly increase their return on investment (ROI) by leveraging the power of a data analysis platform. Statistical software enables your business to collect, systematize, and comprehend data to facilitate flawless business operations and make more brilliant business moves. The software facilitates intelligent data analysis for generating business-related insights to evaluate past sales trends and forecast future demands.

Its users can even the size of the cluster by adding new nodes as per their requirements too without any downtime. In this blog, we will be discussing the top 10 big data analytics tools (in no particular order) that are being leveraged by data scientists. It is a trustworthy platform that will help you get better insights to your data. Qlikview is considered to be a self-service business intelligence, data visualization and data analytics tool. This tool is aimed to accelerate business values through data by providing features such as Data Integration, Data Literacy and Data Analytics.

The main focus of a BI Tool is Data Management, and the quality of the data will determine the quality of the reports. You should go for a tool that gathers data from various sources, such as internal or cloud databases. Data analytics can be adopted by several sectors, may it be travel, hospitality, medical or manufacturing.

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