how does nostro account work: NOSTRO Account Definition, Understanding, and Why NOSTRO Account is Important?


The terms are used when one bank has another bank’s money on deposit, typically in relation to international trading or other financial transactions. Timeframe for collection of USD cheques will vary depending on the collection mode. The date of credit to the account of the customer will be reckoned based on the date of credit to the Nostro Account of collecting banks and the cooling period. The time taken by banks for collection of USD cheques normally ranges from 15 to 30 days and may go up to 45 days depending upon the collection arrangement and place at which the instrument is payable.

The held between correspondent banks and the banks to which they are offering services are known as Nostro and Vostro accounts. An account held by one bank for an additional is referred to by the holding bank as a Nostro account. The same account is known as a Vostro account by the counterparty financial institution.

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When comparing nostro accounts, it’s important to check the list of countries and currencies the bank facilitates transactions in. If a country’s currency is not convertible, meaning it cannot be easily bought and sold on the foreign exchange market, then you may not be able to open a nostro account there. Correspondent banks are most likely for use by home banks to service transactions that both originate or are accomplished in international nations, appearing as a home financial institution’s agent abroad. Nostro and Vostro account are usually used within the context of international change transactions accomplished by the banks or during forex settlement. A nostro account refers to an account that a financial institution holds in a international foreign money in another bank. A vostro account is an important a part of correspondent banking in which a international financial institution offers financial services on behalf of a home bank.

The exchange rate between the currencies of two trading partner countries may be market determined. Nostro accounts are always denominated in foreign currencies, while vostro accounts always store a home currency. A Nostro account is held by one bank in another bank in its home currency. This process is withheld in order to simplify foreign exchange and trading transactions. Computerized accounting allows for easily reconciling nostro and vostro accounts just by using “+” or “-” signs in the banks’ respective accounting systems.

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The reverse time period “vostro accounts,” derived from the Latin word for “yours,” is how a financial institution refers to the accounts that different banks have on its books in its house forex. From the attitude of domestic banks, the funds deposited at correspondent banks are referred to as nostro accounts. Nostro accounts are denominated in the foreign foreign money of the correspondent financial institution. From the overseas correspondent financial institution’s perspective, the funds held on behalf of other banks are known as vostro accounts and are denominated within the native foreign money. Vostro account services embody executing wire transfers, performing foreign trade transactions, enabling deposits and withdrawals, and expediting international trade. A nostro account is a bank account containing the forex of the country by which the funds are held.

  • Domestic banks are often used as custodians to manage the bank’s operations regarding foreign exchange transactions.
  • You can pay the money to a third party in your home currency without any exchange rate risk.
  • Both types of accounts are used to differentiate the different types of accounts that banks hold for other banks.

When funds are wired between a home and a foreign bank that wouldn’t have a direct relationship, a correspondent financial institution acts because the monetary intermediary within the transaction. To facilitate the wire, the originator of the transfer sends the amount of the wire plus applicable charges to the vostro account held on its behalf by the correspondent financial institution. The central banks of many developing countries limit the buying and selling of their currencies, which is usually to control imports and exports and to control the exchange rate. Banks generally do not hold nostro accounts in those countries, as there is little or no foreign exchange business. When a bank needs to make a payment in a country where it does not hold a nostro account, it can use a bank with which it has a correspondent relationship to make the payment on its behalf. With a vostro account relationship in place, the shopper of a home bank can walk into the workplace of a correspondent bank to withdraw or deposit funds.

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An Indian dealer Mr. A want to pay amount in US dollars to the dealer in US for import of goods. Now Mr. A will approach his bank to set the dollar account on behalf of him as he wanted to make payment in dollars against the goods imported from US. The local bank approached by Mr. A will approach to the foreign bank with which the bank is having banking relations and physical location in India for opening of NOSTRO Account. Say domestic bank approached by Mr. A is state bank of India which opens account with Bank of America in New York then the account opened by SBI is referred as NOSTRO Account. When opening a Nostro account, the client bank elects to open an account with another bank that it has a banking relationship with in a foreign country.

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A vostro account is a vital part of correspondent banking by which a overseas bank offers monetary services on behalf of a domestic financial institution. Nostros, a term derived from the Latin word for “ours,” are frequently used to facilitate foreign exchange and trade transactions. A nostro account is held by a domestic bank in a foreign bank in denominations of that country’s currency. This helps banks facilitate international transactions involving multiple currencies.

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We are a diverse group of writers, editors and Subject Matter Experts striving to bring the most accurate, authentic and trustworthy finance and finance-related information to our readers. We believe sharing knowledge through relatable content is a powerful medium to empower, guide and shape the mindset of a billion people of this country. All he has to do is approach his home bank in the USA and request them to open a Euro account on his behalf. Suppose Bank A, located in the USA, needs €100,000 in funds from Bank B, located in the United Kingdom. If you use the additional services of the Nostro account, the service charge is higher than other accounts.

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The foreign correspondent bank may additionally carry out treasury services, execute foreign exchange transactions, and expedite international trade on behalf of the home bank. The correspondent bank deducts the fees and the quantity of the wire from the vostro account and executes a home wire to the receiving bank. For over 25 years, Fexco has been providing quick, safe and value-effective international and domestic money transfers for business and private prospects. Fexco partners with the world’s leading banks guaranteeing that funds are transferred rapidly and securely. Prior to the advent of the euro as a foreign money for financial settlements on Jan. 1, 1999, banks wanted to hold nostro accounts in all of the nations that now use the euro. The Nostro account is the report of the bank that has cash on deposit at one other bank.

How Does a Nostro Account Work?

International wire transfers often occur between banks that don’t have an established financial relationship. Some banks might hold checks that whole $1,500 or greater for as many as 10 days. The number of days the financial institution holds these checks is determined by your relationship with the institution. Once you find a bank, you’ll need to complete an application and submit any required documentation. For example, you may be asked to provide two forms of government ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. You may also need to provide financial statements if you’re establishing a nostro account for business purposes or proof of income if you’re opening one for personal use.

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When middleman how does nostro account works are used, the indirect nature of the transfer can typically, imply that there is a delay in receipt of the funds being transferred. In easy phrases, it refers back to the foreign checking account established via the home financial institution within the respective country of the currency desired. For instance, Bank X in India holds an account with the bank in Y within the USA in their residence forex i.e “ Dollars”. Offshore bank accounts allow you to hold money outside of your home country for various purposes.

It refers to the foreign bank account established through the domestic bank in the respective country of the currency desired. Alternatively, it will be considered a Vostro account for other banks, i.e., your account in our books of accounts. These accounts are not opened in countries on the restricted list or where there is a minimal amount of foreign exchange transactions happening.

A US client that banks with Bank of America wants to pay USD 15,000 to your bank account that is with DBS in Hong Kong. Both banks are members of the SWIFT community, which means payment will be processed using a SWIFT message. Indian companies usually pay for imports in foreign currencies, while exporters get paid in foreign currency and convert into rupees in most cases. The exchange rate between the Indian currency and those of trading partners is market-determined, and settlement takes place in rupees. Indian exporters are allowed to accept an advance from an international importer against their exports. The money held in the special rupee Vostro account will initially be used for the payment of such export payments, if any, before the receipt of any such advance money.

The company establishes a nostro account through the second bank and deposits money into the account. The bank that holds the account will then facilitate transactions on behalf of the company, with those transactions taking place in euros. Nostro accounts work by allowing one party to hold money in a bank in a foreign country in that country’s currency. When transactions are conducted through a nostro account, the bank that holds the account aids in completing transactions involving different currencies. A nostro account is an account that one bank holds in the bank of another country in a foreign currency. The term ‘nostro’ comes from Latin and means “ours.” When you’re discussing nostro accounts, you’re really talking about ownership of the funds in that account.

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The account is a record of money owed to or maintained by a third party, typically another bank, but it can be either a company or an individual. Both banks in the venture must record the amount of money being stored by one bank on behalf of the other bank. The terms nostro and vostro are used to differentiate between the two sets of accounting records kept by each bank. The collecting banks credit the customer’s account only after expiry of the cooling period as such funds are subject to recall under US laws.

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Generally, companies will use these types of accounts when they often either buy or sell in another country but do not have a physical presence that would afford them usage of a typical checking account arrangement. The correspondent bank deducts the specified amount from their account and transfers it to the Vostro account, where it is then exchanged to the foreign currency and ultimately paid to the requested supplier. The Nostro account is the record of the bank that has money on deposit at another bank. These accounts are often used to simplify settlements of trade and foreign exchange transactions.

The bank will receive rupees value of $10,000 and transfer same from it’s Nostro account held in the USA. Loro Account The terms Nostro and Vostro are used in the bilateral correspondence between the concerned two Banks ie the Bank maintaining the account and the Bank in whose book the account is maintained. But in such correspondence when third bank account is referred it is said as LORO account. For example, when XYZ bank of India is maintaining an account with ABC Bank in New York USA in USD when PQR bank of India refers the said account in correspondence with XZY Bank, Now YORK it is said LORO account. No interest will be paid on the vostro account maintained, as per the directives that have been issued by the RBI in India.

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